Fresh Produce – Market to Table

Fresh Produce - Market to Table

Buying at the farmer’s market can be great. It doesn’t really matter if you are going to purchase it in bulk or just to have fresh vegetables tonight on the table. What does matter, is how you are able to find the best and the freshest fruit and vegetables at the market. Too many people don’t know how to find the freshest fruit and veggies and it results in them regretting going to the market. These are some things that you can look for when you are going to the market—looking for the freshest fruit and vegetables.

When you are purchasing greens

When you are going to purchase greens at the farmers market, you need to make sure that the greens that you are purchasing are fresh and crisp-looking.

The moment that the greens don’t look crispy, it’s a sign that they aren’t as fresh as what you hoped they would be. The crispier the greens are looking, the fresher they will be and the longer they are going to last in your refrigerator.

Fresh Produce - Market to Table

Root vegetables

This is normally with root vegetables like carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes that people are buying not as fresh anymore.

The first sign that the root vegetables is really fresh is whether the vegetables are feeling heavy. The lighter it feels, the less fresh it will be. The skin should also be smooth. The moment that you see a couple of wrinkles, then you should start to think that they aren’t as fresh anymore and it won’t last very long at home.


With tomatoes, it doesn’t matter how fresh it is. What matters is the color. You don’t want to buy red tomatoes, except if you are planning to use them within a day or two.

It is better to purchase them at the market while they are still greenish. Don’t worry, they will ripen and become red over time. The tomatoes taste at their best when they are red and not refrigerated. The cold can have an influence on the taste.

Most fruits

Most of the fruit that you can purchase at the farmer’s market should have a fresh smell. There should not be any dark spots and they shouldn’t be over ripe. The one sign that any fruit isn’t fresh anymore, is the fact that the skin is becoming wrinkled and the color of the fruit is fading.

This is especially noticeable with oranges and apples. When you purchase pears or peaches, you should make sure that they are still firm and not soft at the touch. The softer they are, the riper. Also, the less fresh they might be.

There are many things that you should look for when you are looking for fresh fruit and vegetables. People think that if they are buying at the farmer’s market that the fruit and vegetables will be fresh. However, this isn’t the truth. These are a couple of tips that you should look for when you are looking to buy your fruit as fresh as possible and to have the best-tasting fruit and vegetables at the dinner table. Then, your day at the farmer’s market becomes worth the time and money.Continue Reading here